CHUSEI KOGYO CO., LTD. President Mitsuo NaguraOur company has been engaged, since its foundation, in manufacture and sales of various types of wire harness, molded parts, painted articles and electrical assemblies, all of which are widely in use for automobiles, home appliances, industrial instruments and medical equipments. We always devote our best endevor to win full trust by customers in our products, along with constant effort for our originality and ingenuity, and for the most reliable quality to integrate into our products.

In the process to establish foundation of our company, we have implemented a series of unique measures as follows : we have pioneered in introducing fully automatic machines, established a part-time job system for our homeworkers, secured employment by allocation of many factories and standardized job efficiency with assistance of originally-developed jigs.

In the recent economic stagnation, we have taken further countermeasures to get it over continuously, such as active business operation for new customers, development of new products with the acquired peripheral technology, relocation of the working staffs.

We expect to keep growing our company with sincere effort by all of our employees, as our contribution to development of society and customers as the big target, winning reliance by customers on our better products.

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Trade name. CHUSEI KOGYO Co.,Ltd.
Office Adress. 11-89, Eirakucho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-City,
TEL & FAX Number. TEL 054-371-1037 FAX 054-367-1038
Foundation. April, 1960
Incorporation procedures. February, 1963
Representative director. Mitsuo Nagura
Apr,1960 CHUSEI KOGYO is founded.
Feb,1963 It considers as incorporated company.
Oct,1963 Oshikiri Dept. is founded.
Mar,1979 Takahashi Dept. is founded.
Dec,1986 Shimono Dept. is relocated completely.
July,1988 Matsuno Dept. is founded
Aug,1989 Temperature fuse manufacture entrepreneur approval is acquired.
July,1991 Uchida Dept. is founded.
Mar,1995 Iida Dept. is founded.
May,1997 Wiring instrument manufacture entrepreneur approval is acquired.
July,1999 Packing fuse manufacture entrepreneur approval is acquired.
Nov,2000 ISO9002 is acquired.
Aug,2002 Chusei(H.K.) Co.,LTD. is founded and start producing in Dongguan city.
July,2005 ISO9001 is acquired.
Sept.2006 Chusei(Thailand) Co.,LTD. is founded and start producing in Samutprakarn.
May.2007 Matsuno Dept. is expanded. Integrated of Matsuno Dept. and Negata Dept.
May,2008 Eco Action 21 is acquired.
Apr,2009 UL Recognition is acquired.
Qualified product is WIRING HARNESSES. No.E329334
Aug,2009 Saga Dept. is relocated completely and expanded.
yMain Customersz

KOITO MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.@Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
Kokusan Denki Co., Ltd.@Ichikoh Industries, Ltd.
Mitsubishi Electric Applied Refrigeration Systems Co.,Ltd
Mitsubishi Electric Metecs Co.,Ltd.
Nikkiso Co., Ltd.@Hitachi Appliances, Inc.
YASUI Co., Ltd.@Shonan Shimadzu Co., Ltd.

yOrganization Chart z

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Main Equipment

As of 2007.3.7

yProduct processing machine namez
yProduct processing machine name z
automatic cutting sticking-by-pressure machine. 27 sets
Half-automatic cutting machine. 14 sets
Full automatic terminal sticking-by-pressure insertion machine. 1 set
Terminal sticking-by-pressure machine. 152 sets
Tube cutting machine. 4 sets
The machine together melted and put using high frequency. 33 sets
The machine together melted and put using an ultrasonic wave. 13 sets
Spot welding machine. 8 sets
Ejection fabrication machine. 6 sets
Hydraulic press. 6 sets Robot paint machine. 1 set
Mini booth paint machine. 3 sets
Various assembly special-purpose machines. 63 sets
yTest inspection equipment name z
yTest inspection equipment namez
low temperature -- homoiothermy -- Humidity is maintained-- a tub. 1 set
low temperature -- homoiothermy -- a tub. 1 set
Substance microscope. 1 set
Capacity-to-resist-pressure examination machine. 3 sets
Prevention-of-floods examination machine. 12 sets
Lighting machine checker. 2200 sets

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Access Information
Headquarters Takahashi Dept. / Part warehouse
11-89, Eirakucho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-City, Shizuoka-Pref.,424-0043
TEL 054-371-1037 FAX 054-371-1038 Headquarters
TEL 054-365-3203 FAX 054-366-5117 Takahashi Dept.
TEL 054-367-2898 FAX 054-367-2819 (Part warehouse)
Iida Dept. / Shimono Dept.
3-7-50, Takahashi, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-City, Shizuoka-Pref.,424-0041
TEL 054-365-3636 FAX 054-365-4297
Saga Dept.
559-2, Tameshige, Oaza , Morodomicho ,Sga-City, Saga-Pref.,840-2102
TEL 0952-47-2113 FAX 0952-47-2113 @
Matsuno Dept.
296-1,Minami-Matsuno, Fuji-City, Shizuoka-Pref., 421-3303
TEL 0545-85-1077 FAX 0545-85-1088
Uchida Dept.
1108-8, Oshikiri, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-City, Shizuoka-Pref.,424-0008
TEL 054-347-7977 FAX 054-347-7979 @

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