Feb,2011 The electromobile was introduced.
Oct,2010 Environmental Report was renewed.
Oct,2010 Profile page was renewed.
Mar,2010 The Mt. Fuji's photograph was added.
Dec,2009 An environmental report was renewed.
Aug,2009 Saga Dept. is relocated completely and expanded.
July,2009 The UL wiring harness program attestation was acquired.
      ULNo.E329334 UL is safety standard development of the United States and a certifying bod.
Jun,2009 The quality assurance power will be improved rapidly.
      Our harness checkers can be matched to your specifications.
      About our Wiring harnesses , Please contact Uotori.
Jun,2009 Inquiries concerning the job offer are here.
Jan,2009 Seven color super-high LED room lamp for cars was added to the general sale goods.
Oct,2008 Our site was renewed.
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